S. Bradley Stoner and Julie Rodriguez Jones
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2/19/14  Ready, Set...

We are getting really close to publication and while we are waiting we thought you might like to know a bit about Beau and get some ideas for your kids.   What do you think Beau got for Christmas?  Why he got an alligator puppet and a miniature red wagon.  (OK, you do have to read the book to understand.)  Here are some ideas for you. 

Alligator puppets are available on Amazon.com:  http://tinyurl.com/k7u2cx5

Miniature red wagons are available on Amazon too right here: http://tinyurl.com/l9jlgpt

Just slip the puppet over the wagon handle and you have your very own "dragon."  Place a copy of the book in the bed of the wagon for an amazing gift to your favorite child! 
3/8/14  ...and GO.  Beau's Dragon is in full swing.

Welcome to the imagination filled world of Beau's Dragon.  Come and explore the web site with your children.  We have lots of new things up including coloring pages, the blog and Beau's store.  There are some great bargains on books and several free items.  See what there is for you and your kids on Beau's Dragon!

One of the free coloring pages available.
3/9/14 Meet S. Bradley Stoner!

Here is a chance to meet the author and see some of his other works.  Visit him at his new web site and read his bio right HERE.
3/19/14 Beau Likes to Dress Up

Did you know that Beau likes to dress up just for fun?  You can catch Beau in all sorts of hats and costumes.  Keep your eyes open.  You don't know what you may see next!

Here Beau is pretending to go far north in his furry hat.  Beau may find big polar bears!
4/15/14 Backyard Camping With Beau

Spring break with beau is an exciting time.  Celebrate the warm weather and put up your tent in your back yard.  Beau stocks up on cool drinks, books, toys and of course his sleeping bag.  Roast a hot dog and some marshmallows too!  Beau did.  And be sure to share some funny stories.
See if you can get your grammy to come in your tent.  
4/20/14 Read Our Great Reviews on Amazon

Here is our newest review on Amazon!


5.0 out of 5 stars My little girl's go to bedtime story!, April 20, 2014

By yorkiesuess - See all my reviews
This review is from: Beau's Dragon (Paperback)
The little book is amazing. The combination of photos and artwork is so creative. I have two adopted children, a boy and a girl. Since the book arrived it has become the must read every night before bedtime. I am beginning to think my girl has a big crush on Beau. Now the neighborhood kids are coming over on Saturday morning for "Beau Hour". The neighborhood mom's and I are hoping that there are additional "Beau" adventures in the future. I have to tell you that previous to" Beau " my son never showed any interest in books. This book with a great story line and live action photos has changed all of that. He loves this book and now reading! I have Mr. Stoner and Ms. Rodriguez-Jones to thank for my son's new interest in books.

5/28/14 Beau is getting ready for summer vacation!

Beau has his list of summer activities ready.  The weather is warming up even more so Beau took his first train ride on Amtrak.  Here is Beau waving at the conductor. 
Can you make a picture of what you will be doing this summer?
We'll post it on our coloring pages!
6/29/14  Beau's Missing Tooth
Have you lost a tooth yet?  Beau did.  It wiggled and wiggled for the longest time then one day it was so loose that it almost fell out.  The Tooth Fairy visited Beau too.   Beau got a swirly lolly pop with his money.  What will the Tooth Fairy bring to you?
Spring 2015

Beau has been busy this spring and do you know what he has been doing?  Why, he went to the park with family and friends and road a 100 year old carousel.  He road a horse first but do you know what he spotted and rode on one of his other turns?  It was a...DRAGON!
Early Summer 2015

Beau has been on the Internet this summer and found some very cool watermelon dragons!!  Click here to see some amazing images: http://tinyurl.com/onjs5o6
Mid Summer 2015

Beau has been keeping the Wild West safe from bushwhackers  and train rustlers.  The Sheriff, fully dressed for Virginia City, Nevada, is protecting the train to Gold Hill from those with evil intentions.  He was especially keeping his eye on a blond 6 year old that he wasn't quite sure of.
Beau has been so busy with Cub Scouts that he almost forgot to tell you that "Beau's Dragon is now on KINDLE.  Yeah.  See the details here!!!  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K8C76FG