Meet Beau. He's a little boy just about your age.  He has a great imagination and loves to pretend.  He uses whatever he can find around the house, yard and garage for his adventures.  He loves his wagon and dragons. Sometimes he can get into a bit of mischief and it’s a good thing Dad remembers what it was like to be a little boy.
Meet "Agillator," Beau's constant companion.  Agillator accompanies Beau everywhere even when he looks like a wagon!
Meet the dog.  Sometimes when you have limited playmates your pet magically becomes a beast or a flying monster or a wizard.  Have you ever dressed up your pet?
Meet Dad.  Dad spends time cooking, guiding Beau at home and during his adventures.  Dad loves Beau with all his heart.
S. Bradley Stoner and Julie Rodriguez Jones
© 2013 S. Bradley Stoner and Julie Rodriguez Jones
Meet Demanda, the little girl who lives next door to Beau.  She likes to dress up, pretend she is a princess, and join in some of Beau’s adventures.
We extend our sincere thanks to Sage Words Publishing for the editing and publishing of this book.